While working in Allentown in his capacity as a supermarket manager, Jerold Yanowitz searched in vain for a sandwich shop serving good, wholesome food at a reasonable cost.  Perceiving the need, he and a friend, Joseph Williams (also a supermarket manager), decided to open a shop, together with their wives.  

  The men had every intention of continuing their regular jobs while operating the store as a sideline. 

To everyone's surprise, on 'Grand Opening Day' the lines of customers were so long that a policeman had to be assigned to control traffic.  Jerry and Joe, buoyed by the thrilling evidence that they had hit upon a winner with "J's Atlantic City Subs", quit their jobs the very next day.  That was in March, 1968, and to this day customers are still lining up at openings and coming back for more. 



Led by Jerry, the Company has developed into a Franchise business, with noteworthy record of successful ownerships. These range from low-gross to high-gross units; from a single family-run franchise to multiple stores owned by individuals. Investment opportunites are extremely flexible, allowing participation by persons of almost every circumstance, motivated by a broad spectrum of objectives. 

Over time, the Company's operational network has evolved to follow policies and procedures responsible for its fine reputation and growth. The Company functions to maintain the highest standards of quality; provide total franchisee-support backup; and to initiate and implement various programs beneficial to J's Franchise owners, utilizing the skills and experience of a dedicated Company management team.

The J's system provides every Franchise owner with services, support, and profit-increase potentialities unique among Franchise companies!

New President Eddie Lozano took over J's Regional Franchise not even 10 years ago, and has grew the company back up to the current 9 Locations. Todays management team are highly qualified, and highly motivated to do what's best for our company, and the employees within...Wanna join our team, fill out an application today!